Reserve an Exhibit in Maricopa County, Arizona

Learn how to reserve an exhibit in Maricopa County, Arizona. Find out about the reservation fee, priority given to classes and programs, bringing food from outside, insurance requirements, and more.

Reserve an Exhibit in Maricopa County, Arizona

Are you looking to book an exhibit in Maricopa County, Arizona? You can do so by calling (60 372-7470, extension 200). The reservation fee must be paid within thirty (30) days of making the reservation. Priority is given to all classes, programs, and events in the City of Maricopa. You can bring food from outside as part of your reservation, but it must be fully cooked before arriving at the venue.

All vendors and service providers must provide insurance and a guarantee and add the city of Maricopa as an additional insured at least 14 days before the event. The application will not be approved until the insurance is confirmed. Reservations are reviewed from Tuesday to Friday. We will contact you by email or phone regarding your request 24 to 48 hours after your submission.

Any request received from Friday to Sunday will be answered on Tuesday. A downloadable field map of the Copper Sky fields can be accessed HERE. Help shape the future of Maricopa by reserving an exhibit today! Website created by Granicus: Connecting people and government. Created by Granicus: connecting people and government.

PLEASE NOTE that all parties are responsible for providing paper copies of electronically submitted evidence when necessary for use in the courtroom.

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